Recent Work


Jara Moravec - Dekmantel - Young Marco - trailer

Jara Moravec' latest work takes us to Amsterdam where he shot a portrait of Young Marco, a musician and DJ, for Dekmantel festival.

Emile Rafael - McDonald's football cup

Emile Rafael cleverly captures a sense of celebration and nostalgia for this decades-long tournament through the lighthearted perspective of a ball for the McDonald's football cup.

Emile Rafael - Audi

What is so important about driving faster than anyone else? In this masterfully stylish spot from Emile Rafael, Steve McQueen waxes poetic over the purring engine of a nocturnal Audi as it revs through city streets.

Jan Svejkar - Dobry Andel Charity Foundation

Jan Svejkar’s touching campaign continues Savage’s tradition of creating powerful PSA content featuring real children for the foundation Dobry Andel (Good Angel), a non-profit organization providing financial support to families of children with illnesses.

Wolfberg - CSOB

In Wolfberg's latest spot for CSOB, Wes Anderson-like aesthetics depict the financial backstory of a man who passed on enticing childhood investments. Probably for the better.

Emile Rafael - Jamie N Commons: Not Gonna Break Me

In this raw, beautiful, high energy music video for Jamie N Commons' Not Gonna Break Me, director Emile Rafael explores the no guts/no glory world of boxer Mikael Lawal as he trains to face his largest rival.

Sam Tootal - Leontinka

Sam Tootal captures a real-life brother and his blind sister in this powerful cinematic piece for the Leontinka Foundation - a charity organization that works with blind children and their families creating a network of support to help navigate the early years of living with blindness.

Emile Rafael - In Residence Ian Simpson

Emile Rafael’s latest architecture profiling takes us above (exactly 47 floors) and beyond (Manchester, UK) to British architect Ian Simpson’s stunning two-story penthouse atop the city’s renowned Beetham Tower.

Emile Rafael - Lenovo

Leave it to the curious eye of Emile Rafael to unveil Lenovo’s latest product line with less of a high-tech inspection and more of an imaginative exploration, smoothly weaving through a montage of technological discoveries that focus on the "it's-about-the-journey-not-destination" mentality.

Sam Tootal - Haringey

In his latest piece, Savage director Sam Tootal captures the world of Haringey, England by following its citizens through their natural habitats. Stitched together, Tootal's collection of local portraits presents an earnest rebranding campaign, promoting the development and improvement of the Northern London borough.

Emile Rafael – “Philippe Starck on NOWNESS”

Philippe Starck: renowned designer, noted underwear cynic. Emile Rafael presents a wonderfully offbeat and intriguing profile of the illustrious Frenchman, who takes a moment to argue his plea against society's most conventional garment.


Jan Tesitel - Czech National Women’s Rugby Team

Savage director Jan Tesitel was not afraid to get his hands dirty with his recent commercial project for the Czech National Women’s Rugby Team. Check out this fantastic crowd-funding campaign, created through Prague agency Made by Vaculik, which supports these powerful athletes and their journey to the Women’s Rugby European Cup in Switzerland.

Emile Rafael – “Pstereo – Emilie Nicolas”

Thanks to Emile Rafael, this dreamlike cinematic voyage doesn’t just express the unexpected wonder in every road trip. Set against misty mountains and roiling seas that echo Emilie Nicolas’s native Scandinavia, it also perfectly captures the triumphant, one-of-a-kind vibe of her debut single for Sony/RCA Records.


Mike G - Dos Equis

When agency Havas looked to re-energize The Most Interesting Man in the World, Mike G.’s solution was this slyly funny, strikingly authentic spot: an unprecedented peek inside the character’s present, an entertaining expansion of his past, and a compelling new chapter in the “Stay Thirsty” legend.


Postpanic – SUNDAYS trailer

From a mere $50,000 Kickstarter campaign, director Mischa Rozema and his cohorts in Postpanic created Sundays, an awe-inspiring sci-fi short. This provocative trailer for the 14-minute film helped spark an Internet sensation, a Hollywood frenzy—and soon after, a deal to adapt Sundays into a feature film for Warner Bros.


Mike G – Hyundai

Starring the brilliant Greg Cromer (Mad Men, Bad Words), this collaboration between Mike G. and agency Innocean delivers the type of casual charm and authentic humor that levitate products to magical new heights.


Wolfberg – Budvar

Despite what so many other commercials try to tell us, beer isn’t always for the good times. From the visionary minds of directing duo Wolfberg, this against-the-grain masterpiece for agency Kaspen/Jung von Matt is more than just an industry award-winner—it may just redefine the genre.


Christoffer von Reis - IKEA

With assistance from cinematographer Mattias Rudh, Christoffer von Reis takes us on a delightful filmic tour of heavenly slumbers for agency Akestam Holst. It’s a beautiful reminder that, even for us grown-ups, the childlike serenity of a good snooze is only an IKEA trip away.


Postpanic - SBTRKT

Like the mysterious creature stalking through its post-industrial shadowlands, this absorbing video from Postpanic mashes the familiar and the unexpected into an animated fever dream viewers won’t want to wake up from. Its dark surrealism gives fascinating new form to SBTRKT’s hypnotic rhythms.


Jakub Kohak – T-Mobile “Agent”

There’s an undeniable charm to the absurdity of Jakub Kohak’s lively Bond parody for T-Mobile CZ. A seasoned director for Saatchi & Saatchi’s T-Mobile campaigns, Kohak succeeds in blending his exaggerated zaniness with the gentle comedic style of famed Czech actor Ivan Trojan.

Sam Tootal - Samsung

Shooting his refrigerated subjects with machine-like fluidity, Sam Tootal whimsically portrays the "life of the refrigerator" through a meticulous, decade-long inventory of its crisp inhabitants.