Jakub Kohak

Jakub Kohak
How does Jakub Kohak draw out the vibrant performances that make his reel sizzle like no other? The answer lies on the other side of the camera. His vast experience as an actor and Czech talk show host puts him firmly in touch with every cast member—from stars to extras— on every project he directs, allowing him to craft films and commercials that radiate the energy and spontaneity of real life.
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The only reason not to call Jakub Kohak a modern-day renaissance man is that it might make him sound like no fun—and that would be a major error. In his spare hours, Jakub is an accomplished actor, an occasional writer, a well-known Czech talk show host, a passionate sports fan, even a collector (and often savior) of broken retro appliances.

But before any of these other identities, he is a gifted film and commercial director. Whether a project’s tone is dramatic or playful, Jakub is guaranteed to lend it a dynamism and emotional resonance normally reserved for only the most memorable moments of our actual lives. His own performance background enables him to form a unique bond with actors, no matter how large or small their roles in his films. That bond is the secret that helps him power his talent to unprecedented levels of audience engagement—even when he’s a member of the cast himself. (And as he admits, that last part is no easy task!)

We think the results speak for themselves. But even if they didn’t, his peers in the field have made their appreciation known. Jakub has directed spots for leading brands such as Kofola, Nike, Pepsi, T-Mobile, and many others. His work has earned numerous national and international honors, including awards at the Moscow International Advertising Festival, the Czech Republic’s Louskáček Prizes, and multiple Golden Drums. And we can’t wait to see what he does next, on both sides of the slate.