Vojta Kotek

Vojta Kotek

Instead of “rising star,” a better label for young Vojta Kotek may be “once-in-a-lifetime comet blazing across the comedy atmosphere.” Already famous in the Czech Republic for his side-splitting work as an actor, his move to the director’s chair now allows him to ignite entire films with his genius for quirky humor and bold imagery.

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Vojta Kotek is both a prodigy and a film industry lifer. He began his career early on as a dubber before transitioning full-time into acting. His performance skills and on-camera charisma quickly earned him a variety of parts in a range of popular Czech movies. After soaking up wisdom from an impressive array of filmmakers on a host of different sets, he made the leap to directing while still in his 20s.

Vojta’s incredible talent for connecting with actors—in his mind, a far more ambitious and rewarding task than acting itself—soon sent his work skyrocketing into the stratosphere of European advertising, especially in the comedy genre. His campaign of hilarious promo spots for the Czech Republic’s Český Tučňák Festival, which he also organized, first swung the spotlight his way as a director. He then moved on to helming (and often voicing) dubbed segments in multiple Walt Disney feature films.

Since teaming up with Savage, Vojta has directed noteworthy spots for Kofola, Jacobs, Bohemia Chips, Teta drugstores, and Zuno Bank. And at the young age of 27, he took on the challenge of directing his first feature-length comedy, Padesátka, where his special brand of outlandish yet relatable humor enjoys an even larger canvas to impress.