Jan Svejkar

Jan Svejkar
Since he first began studying movie trailers via frame-by-frame replays as a child, Jan Svejkar has dedicated decades to painstakingly unearthing the secrets of filmmaking. His reward is his amazing knack for creating vivid cinematic worlds—and his growing success as a director only drives him to keep digging deeper every day.
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Jan Svejkar’s early childhood in Prague revolved around keeping a floorball stick in his grip and dreams of professional athletic stardom in his head. But when he got his hands on his first Hi-8 camera, his ambition instantly shifted toward crafting championship-quality films. He soon traded his floorball stick for a boom, his playbooks for storyboards, and his would-be teammates for cast and crew. He never looked back.

After years of obsessively analyzing films on his own, Jan began his formal directorial education inside Charles University’s Film Studies Department. He then moved onto the Film and TV School of the renowned Academy for the Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) for a degree in film editing. While still a student, he directed spots for top brands across the Czech Republic and the rest of the world, including Budweiser, CSOB, Reiffaisen stavební spořitelna, Komercní banka, Pilsner Urquell, IBM, and many others. So just imagine what he’s capable of when he no longer has homework…